Integrated community-based rehabilitation for persons with disabilities in Gulbarga district

Through CBR programme Sevasangama focuses on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in 40 villages of 10 panchayats of Gulbarga District. Since its initiation, the program has integrated effectively 6 areas of stakeholders like staff and program management at the organizational level and health, education, livelihood, social, and empowerment aspects of the PWDs

Till date, we have completed a detailed survey of 816 persons with a disability residing in 40 villages belonging to 10 panchayats. Initially, we identified the PWD’S and made a study of their needs and problems. Then we organized them into 35 groups. All the DPO leaders are given training on group management. We have 32 children under lifting bearer under home-based rehabilitation care. 35 DPO’s and 4 children’s clubs are formed and regularly monitored.  Balavikasa Samithi, PRI and awareness programmes are organized in 38 villages. 10 CWD’s are enrolled in special schools and 150 CWD’s are enrolled to regular school. PWD’s today take active participation in the DPO’s and walk out freely in the society attending the common gatherings. 32 PWMI are identified and 18 people are taking regular treatment. 380 PWD’s are availed with jobs and are contributing to the Income of the Families. They are courageous to enter into the Government systems and ask for their entitlement.